1292 First Avenue, New York, NY 10021, (212) 628-1900

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Free Delivery to UES, Lenox Hill & Manhattan Residents

Tower Chemists proudly features our newly renovated store that serves the surrounding communities and conveniences those who are staying or frequently visiting nearby hospitals. We are now located on the Upper East side of Manhattan in a large, highly modern state of the art facility. The modern German design of our facility keeps it inviting and highly organized. Tower Chemists has become a full service pharmacy covering the many health and wellbeing concerns that our visitors have. We have many repeat visitors who have decided to rely on our pharmacy as a one stop solution for addressing various ailments that affect their daily lives. Our one to one personalized treatment offered by our expert pharmacists who always take their time to satisfy every inquiry with comprehensive and extensive answers could save trips to the general practitioner’s for minor illnesses.  

We also specialize in oncology medications and treatments.

Our customers in the neighborhood (Upper East side) benefit from our free delivery service, but many still choose to visit the new store that is much like a small department store or gift shop.  

Our staff could very well accommodate you if you speak a foreign language; we speak Spanish, Russian.  

More personalized yet competitive in selection compared to Duane Reade or CVS, we cover many items in health, wellness and gifts and beyond. Visitors don’t come to us just for filling prescriptions and browsing our over the counter medications. Our selection of cosmetics, women’s hosiery, magazines, nutrition bars, toys and greeting cards fulfill the many seasonal gift shopping demands.

We accept most forms of insurances. 
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